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Milan Trail Huggers ATV Club

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Milan Trail Huggers ATV Club
P.O. Box 42
Milan, NH  03588

President:  Kevin Spencer

Kevin and his wife Karen have been club board members for several years and they own a Lodge and campground in Stark that serves ATV and snowmobile riders. Kevin is a master carpenter and is one of only a few craftsmen trusted to work on the Stark Covered Bridge.  Kevin is a logical thinker who is able to look at a problem and come up with a solution.  Of course for any wood working projects, he is the first guy we call. 

Vice President:  Suzanne Dooley-Barss
Sue is from Deerfield, NH and works at a local hospital.  She has a camp in Stark and loves riding the trails with her husband and two dogs.

Treasurer:  Janet Roberge
Janet is he co-owner of Gord's Corner Store in West Milan.  She has not had the time to take up ATV riding but when a new trail was established by her store in 2015, she immediately had a lot of contact with the ATV community and she realized the importance of this industry to the area.  Her finance background was a perfect fit for the club and she has done an outstanding job in taking care of the club's books. 

Secretary:  Lauren Adario
Lauren is an ATV rider who along with her husband and two kids have a camp in Milan on Cedar Pond.  Lauren is an office manager with great organizational and computer skills.  She has been instrumental in getting the new online membership program up and running and does a great job organizing the club's paperwork.

Trail Master:  Larry Gomes
Larry has been a snowmobile rider since the mid-1980's has been heavily involved in trail development in the Groveton, Stark, Milan and Berlin area since 1998.  When the Milan Trail Huggers club formed in 2014, Larry was solicited to become trail master for the club because of his past trail experience and landowner contacts.  Larry has a John Deere tractor that is the main equipment being used to maintain the club's in-the-woods trails.  Larry and his wife Kate own a vacation home in Stark and he rides a 2000 Arctic Cat 400 mainly for trail work.  But they are planning to retire in the next couple of years and will purchase a new side-by-side machine at that time for recreational ATV trail riding.

Email: larry@twolakeslodge.com  Phone: 603-636-1404

Director:  Steve Adario
Steve is a contractor with over thirty years in the industrial flooring industry.  He and his family have the distinction of being the first official campers at Jericho State Park and currently have a vacation home on Cedar Pond.  Steve raced dirt bikes in his teens and later as his children became interested transitioned over to ATVs and then most recently a side-by-side.  Steve is also an avid snowmobiler and is happy to help out with and support the club and their efforts to maintain and develop trails.

Director:  Trisha Cross
Trisha is a local real estate agent so she knows a lot of people in the area which is very helpful when we are trying to get new trails across peoples land. 

Director:  Steve Kellet
Steve is originally from Vermont, but made the move to Cedar Pond in Milan a few years ago.  Steve and his wife Mary love riding the trails but Steve is also an active volunteer for the club using his John Deere tractor for many different projects.  Steve is one of those people you can always count on for the last minute projects that seem to pop up without any notice.

Director:  Rich Murtagh
Rich and his wife Rebecca are entrepreneurs who run several businesses.  They and their family have a house in Stark and love riding snowmobiles in the winter and ATV's in the summer.  Most of their businesses are located in central New Hampshire, but they just opened a new repair center for cars and ATV's in Berlin.  Rich is always willing to help with projects and his mechanical background and stash of tools makes him a sought out resource for many club projects.

Director:  John Ryan
John is a retired construction supervisor with extensive experience in large building projects.  He has a side-by-side ATV that he likes riding on the trails with his wife Jane.  John is a frequent participant in trail projects and his construction experience is a great asset for club projects.